About School



.A.V.M Public school is ideally located on the highway and easily accessible.
The Lawn, Landscaped gardens and playgrounds surround the building, within which is housed 2 acres of teaching space, containing modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. Color, Space and light combine to enhance the rooms, the corridors and the labs.

The school is divided into Two main blocks, the Primary Blocks and the Senior school. School is Affiliated to Central Board of School Education, New Delhi (Affiliation No. is 630176).

Each Block has well lit and attractive class rooms equipped with black boards, soft-boards and public address system that are comfortable and inspiring for the students to have an exciting and fun filled day.

The homely environment of the classrooms and the friendly support of the teachers encourage the students to excel in academics, with worldwide awareness and information.


Our vision is to create an institution par excellence where young minds are ignited with a quest for learning, spirit of enquiry and scientific temperament. Our aim is to nurture our students as catalysts for change who are not only able to sustain themselves in a competitive world but also lead it without compromising on their values and principles. Our mission is to ensure that our school is a second home to children where they come happily every morning as they are showered with love and care where their intellect, talents and capabilities blossom under the guidance of progressive faculty where they become self-disciplined, self-confident and self-motivated where they develop the empathy towards fellow human beings and sensitivity towards environment where they learn to understand Indian ethos and to celebrate the spirit of unity in diversity from where they step out as well-balanced individuals ready to face the challenges of life.

  • DAV Mission is to take students from ignorance to state of knowledge 'Tamso Ma jyotirgamaya; We strive to create and sustain an environment which encourages every one to achieve his/her personal and professional goals. in this environment every students' individuality and contribution is recognized, respected and celebrated, so that they become enlighened , ethically strong and disciplined individuals. It has been an exciting journey over the last 43 year. Every little step, every little action the school takes furthers the larger goals of And every dawn brings with it promises, hopes opportunities and fulfillment.
  • Our vision is to nature the knowledge, attitudes and skills that encourage the student's ti excel in life. We seek to provide conducive environment and best opportunities for students to excel in academics , sports and cultural arena. The aim is to prepare students for a life of leadership, service and personals fulfillment in an increasingly inter connected and knowledge driven world.